What this blog is about

This is where Steve and Chris (feveredSteve and ChessQueen) will share the ups and downs of 2011's fun project: building a teardrop trailer.
We'll try and include all the detail we can, along with photos, so that you will know what worked and what didn't.

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Revamp update #3: The kitchen

The new table is a straight swap for the old one. It's mostly made from an old treadle sewing machine table. I topped and bottomed it with some thin ply and filled up the big hole in the middle with polystyrene. I extended the leg with some odd bits I'd got lying around and attached it to the top with T-hinges and then it hooks into the same slots as the old one. Here's before and after.

The carved mouldings are the decorative top of a dressing-table mirror cut in half.

As you can see in the photos above, the cupboard under the table has always been a bit of a problem space. If the table is attached then you have to crawl under to access it. So we pinched an idea from Dave's Campenarti trailer and made a drawer unit that pulls out under the table and is accessed from the side. Here are some pictures of the construction in progress.
 We wanted to use it for pots and pans, so I decided to build it around this old freezer drawer leaving enough height to stack the pans in...
...which left enough space for a couple of drawers for cutlery and utensils.

So that meant making a box like this

Then some drawer fronts and strong runners and here it is.
There's a door front on the side (if you see what I mean) that matches the rest of the kitchen, so it hides away when not in use.

We've replaced the hob/grill/sink unit with an old Flavel hob and grill that we've had sine we used to do tents. Having the sink right next the hob just made the space too cramped. And though its an old one, the hob works really well. The rest of the space is now finished with a plain plywood worktop.
Here it is before varnishing...
 ... and here's the after. This photo also shows the aluminium "floor" to the grill, and how the table slots away in transit.
Because we use the kitchen as a "boot" space for bulky items like the awning while travelling, we've retained the hanging rail idea, but replaced the stainless steel Ikea units with something a bit more steampunk.
 There's a rail made from copper pipe across the whole width, and the mirror is a bit of stainless steel sheet in a picture frame...
... and this is another bit of sewing machine table with copper pipe rail. The "hooks" are made from an old curtain rail. I've also added hooks like these on to the Ikea kitchen roll dispenser on the right since the photo was taken.

That leaves what we did about losing the sink, but I'll deal with that in another post.

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Revamp update #2: Front box

This was Chris' "going away to College" trunk from 1974. We used it as a coffee table base for many years, but it had been relegated to the shed for the last decade or so.

I've given it a few coats of varnish to stabilize and preserve the historic rust. You can see a couple of the stubby sofa feet that I attached to the bottom corners. These keep it off the ground so we can use it as a table while camping. The two back feet also slot into the mesh panel so that the trunk always sits in the same place while in traveling mode.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Revamp update #1: The interior

As I said in the previous post, I had just used plain plywood for the cupboard doors. They are hinged in the middle so that they don't interfere with the lights or invade the bedroom space too mich when opened. Here's a picture of the "before" state.
 I'd got 4 matching picture frames that were just right for the cupboard doors. They were exactly the right height and just a couple of inches too wide so were easily cut down to fit.
 I covered the panels with some old Liberty wallpaper which gives it a quite luxurious feel. You can see one of the lampshades I've added - they were a charity shop buy. They are the "half shade" type that are only fronts, and are finished in a kind of cream damask fabric. They are upside down at the moment, so I need to modify the wire clips so that I can attach them more securely.
 Finally we added some curtains, rather than the roll-up blinds that were there before.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Teardrop revamp

We've lived with the teardrop for getting on for 5 years and taken it to a good few places. As with many projects, there are some things that never got properly finished and some other things that didn't work out the way we intended.

Hence the revamp. Spurred on by impossible deadlines as per usual, we're going to a couple of festivals in August, so that is the irresistable force driving the work.

Here are the main areas we're planning to attack:

1. Kitchen
The sink never worked for us, so we're going to remove it and instal an "external" sink. This also means a new hob and worktop. Having the cool box under the counter didn't work either, so we need to make more sensible use of that space.

We're also aiming for an over all Steampunk vibe. It was part of the original idea for the trailer, so we're going for it...

2. Sleeping Compartment
The main thing here is the cupboard doors which were left as plain plywood. So now's the time to finish them.

3. Front Box
We're changing this for a metal steamer trunk we've got in the shed. Also adding an external light and some Steampunk additions.

Well, that's the plan. Let's see how it goes...

Monday, 20 August 2012

At Notfest in the sunshine

Showing off the new awning for the back. Well its a tiny canopy really. Works fine as long as the rain stays on the far side of the yellow line :-)

But just look how happy and proud that builder looks ...

Here we have a shot of the car (tug) and trailer ready to roll. And Rhys bringing the washing up home again. (Rare shot that one).

Some SUL-worthy trailers

Here are the promised links. Some classy trailers (including our own of course) ... thanks to Sue Watts for posting the photos that I was too disorganised to take.

Yes, this one is us.  Here are some of our neighbours ...

from left to right is Wanda, T(b)ird and Grace with the glamorous fenders.

Then there was the Pod from Wales

Two little gems handmade by Bob (ali)  and Paul (blue and white)

Lots more pics in Sue's album of the event. All taken during a narrow window of opportunity between the rain, and the other lot of rain, and that bit of rain after that, and (you get the idea).

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

SUL - a derbyshire adventure

Just back from a great (albeit wet) weekend in the Peak District. It was the venue for the biggest gathering of teardrops in the UK ever. Proud to be part of it.

Because of the weather and other distractions I left the photographing of teardrops to other people (feeble excuse and I will do a proper round up shortly linking to the doubtless superior shots of better photographers). For now I'll share some of the photos that I did take.

First, a photo of two of the best know teardroppers (Jackdaw modelling his cockrell-proof invention - well if you saw Chris's legs after a good pecking you would see the merit of these) and also Two Showers with the famed Frank (the dog). Rosie's choice of headgear is giveaway about the weather conditions (cold).

The next two shots are of the bookshop where we spent some time. Within 4 miles of the campsite (at Cromford) its reputed to be one of the 10 best bookshops in the world. Great cafe behind a hidden bookcase door and a fantastic toilet on the top floor. This is what these photos show. First photo shows the Hurry Up sign - and the second the bath! Fab

Okay, these are not teardrop-related images, but definitely in the same quirky ball-park.